Re’eh 5777-2017

“Coming to Jerusalem–-The Festival Pilgrimages”

The sages maintain that the Torah’s requirement for the Children of Israel to come to Jerusalem to celebrate the three pilgrim festivals, Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot, is meant to serve as far more than mere communal celebrations.

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Bamidbar 5777-2017

“The Danger of Seeing the Holy Furnishings”

The closing verses of parashat Bamidbar underscore the great sanctity of the Torah, a particularly timely theme for the eve of Shavuot.

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Kee Tisah 5777-2017

“The Gift of Torah"

It is impossible for a mortal to comprehend Torah on the level of the Al-mighty. Moses, however, received a gift from G-d at Sinai, making it possible for any mortal who invests the effort, to gain an appropriate comprehension of Torah.

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Devarim 5776-2016

“Moses the Stammerer, Becomes a World-Class Orator"

At the Burning Bush, Moses describes himself as “a stammerer and stutterer.” The book of Deuteronomy testifies, however, that the tongue-tied Moses was apparently transformed into a bold and talented orator, whose words resound throughout the world to this very day.

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Yitro 5776-2016

“Apparently, Not All Converts are Created Equal”

Apparently, not all converts are created equal. Jethro represents the best of all the converts, and serves as a true paradigm for future generations.

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Vayeira 5776-2015

“The Trials of Abraham”

According to the Mishnah in Avot, Abraham faced ten trials in his life. It was Abraham’s preparedness to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, through which Abraham succeeded in cleansing himself and the world from the primordial sin of the Garden of Eden.

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Vayeilech-Yom Kippur 5776-2015

“Living a Truly Meaningful Life”

On the final day of his life, Moses teaches all of humankind how to live a truly meaningful life.

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Va’etchanan 5775-2015

“Do Not Add...and Do Not Detract”

There are many unusual aspects to the fascinating and complex mitzvot of not adding and not detracting from the words of the Torah.

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Shoftim 5774-2014

“Justice--the Source of Security of the Land of Israel”

The fact that the Torah links the proper practice of justice by the Jewish people to the security of the land of Israel is of extreme importance, especially in light of the perils faced by the State of Israel today.

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