Vayeilech-Yom Kippur 5776-2015

“Living a Truly Meaningful Life”

On the final day of his life, Moses teaches all of humankind how to live a truly meaningful life.

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Va’etchanan 5775-2015

“Do Not Add...and Do Not Detract”

There are many unusual aspects to the fascinating and complex mitzvot of not adding and not detracting from the words of the Torah.

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Shoftim 5774-2014

“Justice--the Source of Security of the Land of Israel”

The fact that the Torah links the proper practice of justice by the Jewish people to the security of the land of Israel is of extreme importance, especially in light of the perils faced by the State of Israel today.

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Shelach 5774-2014

“Do Not Follow After the Desires of Your Heart and Eyes”

The Torah in parashat Shelach conveys a cogent and relevant message for our times. Despite the important values of open-mindedness and freedom of expression, for our own survival, humankind must be taught that there are limits. We must not simply pursue the unchecked desires of our hearts and eyes that lead us astray, and often result in the destruction of the fabric of society.

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