NJOP has several wonderful and educational blogs for you to enjoy.

Jewish Treats: New blog posts each weekday sharing interesting and enjoyable observations about Judaism, which we call “Juicy Bits of Judaism.” These bite-sized facts and actions are easy to digest and are a great way to make a daily connection to Judaism in two minutes or less.

Rabbi Buchwald’s Weekly Torah Message: Each week, NJOP’s founder, Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, shares with you his fascinating insights on the upcoming parasha, the weekly Torah portion.

Twebrew School: Twitter + Hebrew = Twebrew School! NJOP decided to put a twist on Hebrew School by recreating it for the Twitter generation. With bite-sized (just over Twitter’s 140 character limit) lessons about each Hebrew letter and short YouTube videos with a real Hebrew School teacher, you can learn how to read Hebrew at your own comfortable pace.