To enhance the understanding and appreciation of the depth and breadth of Judaism.

Essential Judaism

Embrace Judaism through the exploration of our Belief in God, Prayer, The Sabbath, Jewish Observance and Sexuality.  NJOP’s Basic Judaism class explores these topics in depth and includes thought-provoking, extra-curricular reading to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the depth and breadth of Judaism.

Learn how you are an integral part of Jewish history and be empowered with a working knowledge of who we are, where we came from and where we are going, by participating in NJOP’s exciting History class.

Explore Judaism and embrace your heritage with NJOP’s excellent resources and programs.

Basic Judaism Videos

Crash Course in Basic Judaism Web Series

Web Series

Watch NJOP’s Crash Course in Basic Judaism Web Series featuring Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Founder and Director of NJOP. In these video lectures, you will be provided with a basic knowledge of Judaism from a more relatable, personal standpoint. These videos are also very helpful to lead the members of your community beyond the Judaism they think they know!

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Basic Judaism Courses

Our Judaism courses establish the basic foundation of Judaism and its history to participants. These courses will inspire participants’ interest in further exploration of their own Jewish experience.

Virtual CCBJ & CCJH

NJOP has many materials to enable you to easily run our popular courses in Basic Judaism, Jewish History and Hebrew Reading, via Zoom or other virtual learning platforms. Stay connected with your Jewish heritage…

Crash Course in Basic Judaism

NJOP’s five-part Crash Course in Basic Judaism will expand your knowledge beyond the Judaism you think you know! Free of charge, this special opportunity provides everything that you will need…

Crash Course in Jewish History

Deepen your roots to your Jewish identity or give your members a sense of Jewish identity by offering NJOP’s Crash Course in Jewish History (CCJH). See how you and others are an integral…

Hebrew Reading Crash Courses

NJOP has already taught more than 250,000 North American Jews how to read Hebrew through our innovative Hebrew Reading Crash Courses (HRCC). Starting with our Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level I…

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