About Us

Our Misson

The National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP) is an independent, non-profit organization which is dedicated to providing, through educational courses and experiential programs, a basic Jewish education for every Jew in America.


Over the last 36 years, more than 1.7M North American Jews have been engaged Jewishly through NJOP’s positive, joyous Jewish programs and experiences.

Our History

NJOP was established in 1987 by Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald in response to the spiraling losses of Jews from Jewish life due to assimilation and lack of Jewish knowledge. Through its highly innovative and stimulating educational programming and influential social media platforms, NJOP conveys the relevance and vibrancy of Judaism to contemporary Jews by providing a greater understanding and knowledge of the basics of Judaism and Jewish life.

NJOP’s ever-expanding efforts have given the program the opportunity to become an acclaimed leader in

Jewish social media

NJOP’s ability to recognize the most current cultural trends has allowed tens of thousands of fans and followers to present with a means to positively and joyously participate in Jewish life through @JewishTweets on Twitter, NJOP’s Jewish Treats daily email and Facebook page. NJOP’s Jewish Treats’ YouTube channel boasts more than two million views.

Since its founding, NJOP has become one of the largest and most successful organizations, impacting broadly on Jewish engagement throughout the world.

Jewish Treats is the social media arm of NJOP, your tax-deductible gift to Jewish Treats will help us continue to share interesting and enjoyable observations about Judaism, which we like to call “Juicy Bits of Judaism,” in the future.

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NJOP’s Tax ID is 13-2881809.

For more information about NJOP, please call 1-800-444-3273.