Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, celebrates the great miracles that happened during the Maccabee revolt.

"Oh Chanukah, O’ Chanukah, come light the menorah…"

It is time again for glowing menorahs, spinning dreidles, delicious latkes (potato pancakes) and deep fried sufganiot (jelly donuts). It’s Chanukah time. On Chanukah, Jewish families around the world gather together in their homes and light the Chanukah candles.

Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, celebrates the great miracles that happened during the Maccabee revolt in the time of the Second Temple period. In commemoration of the “miracle of the oil,” Jews light candles each night for eight nights. Learn about the miracle of the oil and more.

Complete Guide to Chanukah

Jewish Treats is excited to bring you our Chanukah eBook – your online resource to Chanukah. This eBook includes a little bit of everything: Discover how gelt became gifts, the enduring dreidel game and menorah lighting methods. You will also find recipes, fascinating facts and lots of family fun. Everything you need to know and have been wondering about this spectacular holiday is now right at your fingertips!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Print the Jewish Treats Complete Guide to Chanukah or use the interface on this page to view or download.

Chanukah Videos

Rabbi Buchwald on Chanukah

Web Series

Watch NJOP’s Chanukah Web Series, discussing all things Chanukah from ancient times to the modern day, in 12 short videos. Featuring Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Founder and Director of NJOP.

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Chanukah Programs

Here are several excellent Chanukah programming options in which you can participate or offer in your community.

Chanukah Workshop

The Chanukah Workshop will transform your Chanukah celebration. Participants will learn the deeper reasons behind the customs and practices associated with the kindling of the Chanukah menorah. The materials are user friendly…

Chanukah Hebrew One Day Review

NJOP’s Hebrew Reading Crash Course One Day Review Program For Chanukah has been designed to meet the needs of those who wish to sharpen their Hebrew reading skills. It includes passages from Chanukah liturgy and popular Chanukah songs.

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Chanukah Food-tacular

This unique program encourages a more culinary look at the holiday of Chanukah. We’ve provided four informative cards relating why dairy foods and food cooked in oil are associated with the holiday as well as a guideline for how to make the evening fun and delicious.

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Who, What, Why, When-Chanukah Jeopardy

NJOP’s Who, What, Why, When-Chanukah Jeopardy is meant to be “played” in a Jeopardy format. Each card contains an answer for which the team of players must think of a question. An explanation for each answer/question is included as well.

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COVID-19 | Program Status

Out of an abundance of caution due to the spread of the Coronavirus and heeding the recommendation of medical professionals to forgo large gatherings for the time being, NJOP will not be going forward with our Chanukah Across America Program this year. We hope to reinstate the initiative in future years. We pray for the speedy and complete recovery of all those who have contracted the virus and the safety of all others.

Thank you for your understanding.

Chanukah Across America

Particpate in Chanukah Across America to experience the holiday this year in a new light!
Our program includes a specially-designed Chanukah One Day Review which uses popular Chanukah songs and passages…

Send us message to have us contact you about running any of our Chanukah programs or call 1-800-44-HEBREW.