Brush up on your Hebrew reading skills, learn to read and write Hebrew or simply establish a connection with Jewish communities around the world.

!ברוכים הבאים

b’roochim ha’ba’im!


Throughout Jewish history, Hebrew has been a connection between Jewish communities around the world. For many modern Jews, learning Hebrew is the first step to reconnecting with their roots.

New Look Twebrew!

Twebrew has gotten a brand new look! It’s easier to use, and has many lessons useful for anyone interested in learning Hebrew!

Hebrew Reading and Writing Courses

Our Hebrew programs are run nationwide, year round but we run the most classes during the fall as part of our Read Hebrew America and Canada Program

Twebrew School

Twebrew School provides bite-sized Hebrew reading lessons and is the perfect review tool for Hebrew Reading and Writing classes.  Twitter may have moved on…

Virtual Hebrew Reading / Writing Classes

NJOP has many wonderful materials to enable you to easily run our popular courses in Hebrew Reading, Basic Judaism and Jewish History via Zoom or other virtual learning platforms…

Hebrew Reading Crash Courses

NJOP has already taught more than 250,000 North American Jews how to read Hebrew through our innovative Hebrew Reading Crash Courses (HRCC). Starting with our Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level I…

One Day Review

The One Day Review (ODR) is designed to help participants brush up on their Hebrew letter recognition skills prior to starting Level II or in preparation for the Jewish holidays.  In just a few hours, students are able to refresh their Hebrew skills and…

Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level I

Participants in the free Hebrew Reading Crash Course will learn to read Hebrew in five, 1 and 1/2 hour weekly sessions. Designed for Jews with little or no background…

Advanced Level I Hebrew Reading

Designed for those who know their letters and vowels, who can decode and form words or are graduates of the Hebrew Reading Crash Course, Level I. This review course will help build on what students have already learned, and help prepare them for the Level II course.

Many students who have taken Level I, have expressed an interest in taking an additional course to solidify what they have learned and to become more acclimated to the proper pronunciation of the words that they are reading before embarking on the Level II program. The grammatical tools, including shva nahshava nach and meteg they will learn in this Advanced Level I program will provide them with the means of improving their pronunciation of words.

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Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level II

NJOP’s Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level II is designed to improve students’ reading skills and fluency by introducing them to special pronunciation rules and basic Hebrew grammar to help them expand their…

Hebrew Writing Crash Course

NJOP has taught over 250,000 Jews how to read the Aleph-Bet, now we want to teach them how to write it. The perfect follow-up to your Level I Hebrew Reading…

Read Hebrew America and Canada

Read Hebrew America and Canada (RHA/C) is NJOP’s continent-wide Hebrew literacy campaign to win back the hearts of North American Jews. To be a part of our campaign, classes…

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