Hebrew Reading and Writing Courses

How to Run A Hebrew Class FAQs

While NJOP welcomes you to run our free Hebrew classes at any time during the year, we have a special Hebrew literacy campaign in the fall as part of Read Hebrew America and Canada.

What Hebrew programs are available?

Synagogues/Jewish Organizations can offer one or more of the following free Hebrew courses:

How are the Hebrew classes designed?

Both the Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level I and Level II can be offered in as few as five weeks. Each of the five classes is an hour-and-a-half long and is held on the same day and time each week. Some instructors opt to teach the Level I and II classes in additional sessions. The One Day Review and Hebrew writing courses are one day programs.

What is the cost?

FREE! NJOP is proud to be able to present our Hebrew programs at no cost to the students or the synagogues/Jewish centers offering the program.

Who can participate in these Hebrew classes?

The program is intended for members of the Jewish faith. NJOP’s mission is to foster Jewish continuity through free educational programs, and we raise funds with the commitment that our efforts will bring unaffiliated and marginally affiliated Jews back to the synagogue. We limit our courses to Jews so that we do not misrepresent our mission and our activities when we fund-raise.

Why should I offer NJOP’s Hebrew programs if my synagogue currently offers a successful year-long Hebrew course?

Your successful program most likely only engages a small portion of your membership, possibly because of the long-term commitment. NJOP’s Hebrew courses, on the other hand, can be offered in as few as one (the One Day Review & Hebrew Writing) or five (Levels I & II) sessions. It’s designed to engage those who are not prepared to attend a long-term program or who do not currently regularly attend Jewish study programs. NJOP provides you with Teacher’s Guides and lesson plans for each program, so there is minimal preparation necessary on your part. Engage your membership as well as those in your community by teaching them Hebrew and helping them reconnect to Jewish life by participating in this short five week program.

What will NJOP provide if I offer the program?

You’ll receive an email providing you with links to download the Teacher’s Guide, lesson plan, a copy of the first lesson, a press release and flyers you can personalize and NJOP’s publicity packet to help you promote the program locally. We will send you our digital Reishith Binah Hebrew primers after you provide us with your class roster with the names and contact information of your students. NJOP will also provide you with our mnemonic wall chart and training videos to help make your program successful.

Professional Assistance: Our team of trained professionals are here to walk you through the necessary steps to ensure a successful program.

What NJOP asks of you?

  1. Register your class and let NJOP know when you would like to begin.
  2. Identify a teacher and location for your class.
  3. Provide NJOP with a list of your participants’ names and addresses.*
    *NJOP needs participant names to confirm to our supporters that real students are learning to read HebrewThis also tells us how many free digital textbooks to send.
  4. Please note that you may not charge for the classes as this is a FREE program.

How can I offer the course if I don’t have time to teach the course?

No problem.  Find a volunteer who reads Hebrew and has an energetic and upbeat personality and NJOP will help train them to teach the course. Nearly 7,700 volunteers have successfully taught the course, and, no doubt, you have a volunteer who can do the same. NJOP will supply a free training video and will be happy to have Florence Wiener, NJOP’s Hebrew Reading Specialist speak with, and train your volunteer to successfully teach the course. Keep in mind that our classes are designed as “Crash Courses.” The Level I and Level II programs are offered in as few as five, hour and a half classes. Both the One Day Review and the Hebrew Writing Crash Course are be offered in just one day. They can fit in nicely when offered on a Sunday morning while your congregation’s Hebrew or religious school is in session.

How can I be sure that people will attend the program?

NJOP provides you with its Publicity Packet containing helpful hints and suggestions how best to publicize and promote the course. You’ll also receive flyers you may personalize and email to your membership and those in your community about the availability of this terrific program. Tell members to invite neighbors, friends, colleagues and family members to attend the program. Post the schedule for your classes in the community calendar of local newspapers and local institutions. We even send you a press release which you can personalize to inspire members of your community to participate.

What is the minimum number of participants I need in order to make this a successful program?

While we hope that you will actively promote the course and will attract a large audience, this course should be taught even if only one person participates. NJOP recognizes that you will not necessarily know in advance how many participants will ultimately attend. Nevertheless, by promoting the course to membership, and disseminating flyers, post cards and promoting the program through social media outlets, we feel confident that you will succeed in attracting participants. Consider placing ads in local newspapers and using social media to invite friends and followers to attend.

I’m interested in the program but I’d like to charge.

By providing you with the materials free of charge, we ask that you in turn do not charge. Remember that members are already paying synagogue membership fees and sometimes building fees and tuition fees for their child’s Hebrew or religious school education, so a free Hebrew program will sound like a welcome invitation. If the student is not yet a member, this is a great opportunity to share with them a positive experience with your congregation. Please note that if you do insist on charging for the program, we will be forced to charge you for the materials and we will be unable to direct participants to your class since we promote the course as a free program.

How do I register?

Sign up for your Hebrew course or call 1-800-44-HEBRE(W) to speak to your Regional Program Coordinator.

Do you have samples of the Hebrew materials?

Aleph-Bet Wall Chart HRCC1 SampleHRCC Teachers SampleSample One Day Review HRCC2 SampleHWCC2 Sample

Learn more about NJOP’s individual Hebrew Reading and Writing Programs.

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