July 6-July 27, 2023

The Three Weeks

The Seventeenth of Tammuz marks the beginning of a period known as the “Three Weeks.” Exactly 21 days (3 weeks) after the fast day is Tisha b’Av, a full day of mourning over the destruction of both Temples and the other great tragedies throughout history that correspond with the date. More than just a “bridge between two fast days,” the Three Weeks are, historically, a time of continuing tragedy.

How We Mourn During the Three Weeks

    1.  During this period of mourning, certain restrictions have become customary. These restrictions intensify at the beginning of the Month of Av during the period known as the “Nine Days.”
    2. The following activities are avoided or prohibited during the three weeks:
      •  Weddings (according to Ashkenazic custom)
      • Listening to live music
      • Dancing to music (instrumental)
      • Pleasure-trips
      • Hair cuts (Sephardim only prohibit haircuts during the Nine Days)
      • Saying a Shecheyanu, the blessing said over a new fruit or new outfit