Our Staff

Staff Members

Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald – Director
Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald is one of the leaders in the movement of Jewish return in America today. He has pioneered and developed many…

Beryl Levenson – Associate Director, Emeritus
After serving as NJOP’s Associate Director since its inception, Beryl Levenson is now operating…

Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum – Associate Director Emeritus
Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum joined NJOP in 1989 and was responsible, until his retirement in 2012, for all aspects of the administration…

Larry Greenman – Assistant Director
Larry Greenman has administrative responsibilities over all aspects of NJOP’s operation. He previously served as NJOP’s…

Florence Wiener – Hebrew Language Coordinator
Florence Wiener has been with the National Jewish Outreach Program since 1988, teaching Hebrew and creating…

Deborah Bendheim – Donor Relations
Deborah joined NJOP in 2013 and quickly assumed a wide variety of responsibilities including but not limited to donor acknowledgment, coordination and facilitation of NJOP-hosted Zoom classes, data and list maintenance, email marketing and much more.
email: [email protected]

Susanne Goldstone Rosenhouse – Social Media Coordinator
Susanne Goldstone Rosenhouse came to NJOP in 2004 as a Program Coordinator, where she was the point person…

Amy Gugig – IT Director and Senior Operations Manager

Amy Gugig has been with the organization since 1995.
email: [email protected]

Jessica Kavesh–Assistant to the Director
Jessica Kavesh has been with NJOP since September 2008. Originally hired as an administrative assistant, she previously…

Shifra Caruso – Program Coordinator
Shifra is NJOP’s Program Coordinator and acts as the contact person for rabbis and coordinators in congregations…

Board Members

  • Marc Belzberg
  • Ludwig Bravmann z”l
  • Valerie T. Diker
  • Brandon Dunn
  • Fred Ehrman
  • Adam E. Fine
  • Sylvia Freyer
  • Tracy Gerber
  • Bernard Goldberg
  • Hillel A. Gross
    (Vice President & Secretary)
  • Howard Hoffen
  • Ilan Kaufthal
  • Dr. Elizabeth A. Konecky
  • Jack Nash z”l
  • George Rohr
  • Marc Rowan
  • Eli Salig
  • Lawrence Saper
  • Cyrus Schwartz
  • Leonard Shaykin
  • Saul Spitz
  • Moshael Straus
  • Jeffrey Zuckerman
    (Chairman of the Board & President)