September 26-October 5, 2022

High Holiday Essentials

Essential resources to celebrate Rosh Hashana, a commemoration of the creation of the world and humankind’s relationship to the Creator, culminating in the Day of Atonement that is Yom Kippur.

Complete Guide to Rosh Hashana

NJOP and our social media brand Jewish Treats are excited to introduce our Jewish Treats Complete Guide to Rosh Hashana- your online resource to the Jewish New Year.

Jewish Treats Complete Guide to Rosh Hashana eBook is designed to engage and inspire those who are active in the social media universe. Easily downloadable for even those who are not very computer savvy, NJOP’s eBook makes the customs and traditions associated with Rosh Hashana both accessible and meaningful. This very contemporary guide provides in-depth explanations, delicious recipes and personal inspirational thoughts and experiences associated with Rosh Hashana. Jewish Treats Complete Guide to Rosh Hashana eBook is an invaluable tool for all Jews, especially those who may never have experienced the majesty and inspirational nature of Rosh Hashana.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Print the Complete Guide to Rosh Hashana or use the interface on this page to view or download.

High Holiday Resources

High Holiday 101

Web Series

These High Holiday videos are each between 9-12 minutes long and are geared towards anyone seeking to engage fellow Jews on the High Holidays. Whether you are a rabbi, or a lay leader, your observance is traditional or more progressive, you will benefit from these engaging videos.

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Soul Bigger

(The Rosh Hashana Song)

@JewishTweets wants to know if you’re ready to make your “Soul Bigger” for the High Holidays!

*Featured on NBC’s The Today Show!

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High Holiday Treats

Connect with the significance of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur by visiting the Jewish Treats High Holiday Archive. You’ll have an opportunity to gain insight about the holidays, learn about various tefillot (prayers) that you will hear during services, and much more.

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High Holiday Programs

Join or partner with us in one of our renowned High Holiday programs.

High Holiday Prayer Workshop

The High Holiday Prayer Workshop (HHPW) is designed for those who seek meaning in a service they find difficult to relate to and hard to understand. Based on the Abridged Beginners Service, the Prayer Workshop…

High Holiday Beginners Service

Looking for something different for this year’s High Holidays? If you are one of thousands of Jews around the country who are curious but wary or hesitant about High Holiday services, NJOP invites you to start here…

Abridged High Holiday Beginners Service

A brief and dynamic program designed to appeal to, and inspire, those who may not have attended a High Holiday Service in some time. This brief program enables participants to appreciate the majesty and beauty of the Rosh Hashana and…

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