Shelach 5774-2014

“Do Not Follow After the Desires of Your Heart and Eyes”

The Torah in parashat Shelach conveys a cogent and relevant message for our times. Despite the important values of open-mindedness and freedom of expression, for our own survival, humankind must be taught that there are limits. We must not simply pursue the unchecked desires of our hearts and eyes that lead us astray, and often result in the destruction of the fabric of society.

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Metzorah 5774-2014

“The Peddler and Evil Speech”

A well known Midrash tells of an encounter between the Talmudic scholar, Rabbi Yannai, and a peddler who taught the sage much about the importance of proper speech and the serious transgression of wanton, hurtful speech.

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Vayeitzei 5774-2013

"Jacob Separates from Laban"

There is much to learn from the complex separation process that takes place between Jacob and his wily father-in-law, Laban.

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Chayei Sarah 5774-2013

"Yitzchak Establishes a Home with His New Wife"

The betrothal of Isaac and Rebecca can serve as a most valuable case study for finding a mate and establishing a successful home environment.

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Sukkot 5774-2013

"Half for You, and Half for G-d"

The Jewish festivals of Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot are intended to be shared celebrations. Half is to be devoted to the celebrants and half to the Al-mighty.

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Shoftim 5773-2013

“Egypt: Off Limits to Jews”

The Torah prohibition against residing in Egypt is more than a concern with the immorality of the ancient Egyptian culture. It is intended to serve as a warning to all Jews against residing in any locale where immoral living prevails.

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Eikev 5773-2013

"Eating Bread Without Poverty"

How is it possible for G-d to assure the people who reside in the Land of Israel that they will lack nothing?

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