Vayeilech 5782-2021

“Appreciating our own Inner Worth”
(updated and revised from Vayeilech 5761-2001)

Unfortunately, there are many who feel themselves unworthy of G-d's forgiveness, or unworthy of participating in the communal contrition of the Jewish people. Judaism rejects that assumption, insisting that each and every soul is precious to G-d, and surely qualifies for Divine forgiveness.

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Tazria-Metzorah 5772-2012

“The Essential Ingredient for Repentance and Prayer--Humility”

The highly symbolic ritual of purification of the person stricken with the Tzaraat disease has much to teach us about achieving proper Teshuva (repentance) and the art of offering exalted prayer.

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Eikev 5771-2011

"Finding the Greatness of G-d in His Humility"

How do mere mortals dare pray to the All-Powerful G-d? Because there is incontrovertible evidence that our omnipotent G-d cares about the weak and the downtrodden. This knowledge serves as our license to pray, to ask that the coming days, weeks and years be times of blessing and beneficence.

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Eikev 5770-2010

"The Great, Mighty and Awesome G-d"

The "Anshei K'nesset Hagdolah," Men of the Great Assembly were given that exalted honorific title, because they restored the crown of Divine attributes to its ancient completeness, by returning the original wording of Moses, in his praise of G-d.

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