The nineteen blessings of the Amidah make up the core of the Jewish prayer service. The eleventh blessing focuses on God’s love of justice and requests a return to judges such as we had in the days of old.

Ha’sheevah shof’taynu k’vah’ree’shoh’na v’yo’ah’tzaynu k’vat’cheela, v’ha’ser mee’meh’nu yagon vah’anacha, um’loch ah’lay’nu Ah’tah Ah’doh’nai l’vad’cha b’chesed oov’rachamim, v’tzad’kaynu ba’mish’pat. Ba’ruch Ah’tah Ah’doh’nai melech ohayv tz’da’ka oo’mish’pat.

Restore our judges as at first and our counselors as at the beginning, and remove from us sorrow and sighing. May You alone, Lord, reign over us with loving-kindness and compassion, and vindicate us in justice. Blessed are You, Lord, the King who loves righteousness and justice.

–Translation reproduced with permission from The Koren Sacks Siddur, © Koren Publishers Jerusalem Ltd.