Shabbat Resources

An archive of NJOP’s Shabbat resources.

Birkat HaBanim (Blessing the Children)

Birkat HaBanimBlessing the Children “May G-d make you like Ephraim and like Menashe.” “May G-d…

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Gourmet Shabbat

Gourmet Shabbat This compilation of delicious recipes are all you’ll need for an incredible…

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Kiddush Kiddush, sanctification, is the prayer said over wine and/or grape juice through which…

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Shabbat Inspires

NJOP reached out to a diverse group of Jewish people and asked them to tell us what it is about Shabbat that keeps drawing them back to celebrate each week.…

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Shabbat Jewish Treats

Jewish Treats aboutShabbat Browse our archive of Shabbat related Jewish Treats.…

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Spirituality at Your Fingertips

Spirituality at Your Fingertips The Spirituality at Your Fingertips series provides you with a…

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