The nineteen blessings of the Amidah make up the core of the Jewish prayer service. The fourteenth blessing begins a new focus on the time of redemption, beginning with the restoration of Jerusalem. This rebuilding is about more than a physical presence. It is rather about a spiritual center in which there is once again a Holy Temple.

Vlee’ru’sha’layim eer’cha b’rachamim ta’shuv, v’tish’kohn b’tocha ka’asher dee’barta, oov’nay oh’tah b’kah’rov b’yah’maynu binyan olam, v’chee’say David m’hay’rah l’toh’cha tah’cheen. Ba’ruch Ah’tah Ah’doh’nai bonay Y’rushalayim.

To Jerusalem, Your city, may You return in compassion, and may You dwell in it as You promised. May You rebuild it rapidly in our days as an everlasting structure, and install within it soon the throne of David. Blessed are You, Lord, who builds Jerusalem.

–Translation reproduced with permission from The Koren Sacks Siddur, © Koren Publishers Jerusalem Ltd.