High Holiday Beginners Service

A brief and dynamic program designed to appeal to, and inspire, those who may not have attended a High Holiday Service in some time. This brief program enables participants to appreciate the majesty and beauty of the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services, all in a relaxed atmosphere where questions are always welcome.

Marginally affiliated Jews, let alone unaffiliated Jews, are always very candid and specific when we ask them why they choose to ignore High Holiday services – even those offered by their own synagogue:

“The services are too long.”
“I’m in the dark about what it all means.”
“It’s too expensive.”
“Am I supposed to benefit from it?”
“Frankly, it’s boring.”

So how are we going to compete for their time?
Answer: Explain the significance of the High Holidays. Shorten the service. Make their personal benefits clear to them. Charge a nominal fee – if at all.
The best way to do all that: Use NJOP’s High Holidays Abridged Beginners Services. They’re concise, dynamic services that embody the meaning of the High Holidays – demonstrating how the holidays are a time for an individual to reflect, realize and resolve; to take steps to actually achieve their full potential as a person,family member and community member.

Put some grandeur into the High Holidays:
This is the anniversary of mankind’s creation. They’ll get a kick out of knowing just what birthday it is. Let them know that the High Holidays mark the creation of the earth and the universe, that these are truly cosmic days, not merely a New Year’s celebration with a fast and a ram’s horn thrown in.
NJOP’S High Holiday Beginners Abridged Services service has a marketing invitation.
It’s designed to put people in synagogue seats – your synagogue’s seats!

Sample Materials

Abridged HHBS Sample Leader
Abridged HHBS Sample Participant

Training Video

Get our recommmended best practices for running your Abridged High Holiday Beginners Service

High Holidays

Participate in one of our renowned, interactive High Holiday Beginners Service programs or workshops this holiday season.  We’ll help you host a program with our comprehensive materials and videos or find one to attend.

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Rosh Hoshana

The Jewish New Year starts with a celebration of the very creation of the world and a recognition of humankind’s relationship to the Creator.

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Yom Kippur

The High Holidays culminate with The Day of Atonement.
There is a mysticism in that almost all Jews recognize the holiness of the day.

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