Noah 5781-2020

“Noah: The Man Who Brings Comfort to the World”
(updated and revised from Noah 5761–2000)

Abram was very close to his orphaned nephew, Lot, and did his best to educate him in the ways of morality and ethics. But, Abram and Lot soon grow apart because of Lot's obsession with comfort and wealth. At first, Lot showed great promise. In fact, he possibly could have become the material and spiritual heir of Abram, but instead he chose the luscious plain--he chose Sodom.

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Bereshith 5781-2020

“The Origins and Meaning of Evil”
(updated and revised from Bereshith 5762-2001)

When the world was created, Scripture informs us that G-d saw all that He had created and that it was "very good." If that's the case, then how was evil introduced? Apparently, evil was introduced when human beings defied G-d. Fortunately, G-d has given humankind the opportunity to repair the world through good deeds and the technological skills that can eliminate most, if not all, of the world’s evils.

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Simchat Torah 5781-2020

“Celebrating Torah”
(Updated and revised from Simchat Torah 5764-2003)

Torah does not just punctuate, it permeates, the life of a Jew. Torah is meant to be nothing less than the Jews' preoccupation, all of the days and nights of one's life. Like the air that is breathed, or the heart that beats within a human chest, there is no possibility of Jewish life void of Torah.

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Sukkot 5781-2020

"I'm Dreaming of a Warm Sukkot"
(updated and revised from Sukkot 5762-2001)

A rabbi recalls his childhood memories of the festival of Sukkot in the wilderness of the Bronx.

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Yom Kippur 5781-2020

“The Thrill of Coming Home”
(updated and revised from Yom Kippur 5761-2000)

The month of Elul and the early days of Tishrei between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are universally regarded as propitious times for repentance and return. As G-d draws closer to us during this period, we need to draw closer to Him.

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