The 28th Annual

Shabbat Across America and Canada

is March 1, 2024!

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Shabbat Across Canada

For those of you north of the border, Canadian synagogues will be taking part in our Shabbat Across Canada initiative. We hope you can join us!

“Turn an ordinary Friday night into something extraordinary!”

On Friday night, March 1, 2024, hundreds of synagogues across the continent will take part in an historic national Jewish event to celebrate what unifies all Jews — Shabbat! Everyone is invited… singles, couples, families — all ages.

That’s the magic of Shabbat Across America and Shabbat Across Canada. By participating in this continent-wide event, you will not only have the opportunity to experience Shabbat, but you will be sharing your experience with tens of thousands of Jews across North America.

No matter what your affiliation or which Shabbat Across America or Shabbat Across Canada location you choose to attend, NJOP’s annual Shabbat program will give you a “taste” of Shabbat. Explanatory services, traditional rituals, delicious meals and lively discussions are all important components of the Shabbat experience, as well as the opportunity to spend the evening with like-minded people.

Shabbat Across America or Shabbat Across Canada is for every Jew, and those who are unable to go to a registered location can participate in their own homes or in gatherings with friends and family.

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Please call or contact the synagogue directly to register and for the most up-to-date information.

Find a Location near You

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Please check back after 2/20 for our complete list.

Want to host Shabbat Across America and Canada at Home?

If there are no events taking place in your area, or if you’re interested in hosting your own traditional Friday night Shabbat experience, register below to download our FREE Shabbat At Home materials and bring the joy of Shabbat to your home on Friday night, March 1st.

Free Shabbat At Home Materials

Why Participate in Shabbat Across America and Canada at Home?

Have you experienced the magic of NJOP’s Shabbat Across America and Canada? Have you wanted to participate but couldn’t? Do you love the idea of creating an evening of warm inspiration, simple peace and beautiful tradition?

On one special night, tens of thousands of North American Jews will come together in spiritual unison with Jews across the continent and with thousands of years of tradition. Now is your chance to be counted in this campaign that encourages Jews of all backgrounds to come together and celebrate what unifies us all: The Shabbat.

It’s simple! Plan to host a traditional Friday night Shabbat experience.

Register here and we’ll help you get started. Among the resources we have available to get you started are our introductory “Shabbat Across America and Canada At Home” booklet, our more detailed “Jewish Treats Guide to Shabbat” and our “Spirituality at Your Fingertips” guides, which offer a more in-depth explanation of the Shabbat rituals to help you prepare for this huge event.

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    The Spirit of Shabbat

    "More than Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews."

    -Achad Ha’am

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