NJOP is blessed with an exceptional supporter by the name of Mr. Sam Domb, a man who is literally obsessed with Jewish survival and continuity. He eats, sleeps and drinks Jewish life. A Holocaust survivor, Mr. Domb has put his life on the line for the Jewish people, having served in the Israeli Defense Forces, and was a member of the team that captured Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.
Mr. Domb has always been there for NJOP, with unstinting support and dedication. Now, in yet another gesture of his generosity, Mr. Domb is offering a copy of his recently translated, extraordinary and inspiring biography, He Hath Not Let Me Die!, to NJOP supporters who make a donation of $25 or more.
To receive your copy, click the donate button below to make your donation or call Emma Lebowitz at 646-871-0111.

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