Tonight, after enjoying a delicious Shabbat meal, say “Thank You” by reciting Birkat Hamazon, Grace After Meals.

Saying thank you and acknowledging our great appreciation to God for the food that we are able to place on our table represents a significant idea of hakarat hatov, recognizing the good that has been bestowed upon us.

There is also a beautiful idea expressed in the 4th chapter of Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers that Jews around the globe will study this Shabbat. “Rabbi Eliezer the son of Yaakov would say: He who fulfills one mitzvah, acquires for himself one angel-advocate.” In light of this idea, consider the value of choosing to recite Birkat Hamazon, the Grace After Meals and hopefully, you will also realize the long-term positive implications of doing so.

Out of respect for Shabbat, please consider printing out the 4th Chapter of Pirkei Avot on Friday afternoon if you plan to study it on Shabbat.