When the National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP) was founded in 1987, we were faced with the tragic and rapidly growing meltdown of American Jewish life. Our solution was to launch a national outreach initiative, the National Jewish Outreach Program, which would engage millions of uninvolved Jews through positive, joyous Jewish experiences and exciting educational opportunities.

Today, more than a quarter century later, we have all merited to see NJOP reach many hundreds of thousands of Jews in 40 countries around the world. Since its founding, in addition to its original acclaimed initiatives, NJOP has launched many new successful programs, punctuated by the amazing growth of our social media platform, Jewish Treats, reaching and engaging tens of thousands of young Jews wherever they may be.

Today, given NJOP’s global reach, the name of the organization no longer feels authentic, especially since the term “outreach” seems antithetical to the seamless social networks of our time. With these new realities and NJOP’s proud heritage in mind, we are pleased to announce that the name of the organization has officially been modified. The National Jewish Outreach Program will now be known simply by its acronym: NJOP.

In keeping with our mission to continue moving the organization forward with the times, NJOP now has a new, more modern brand identity.

The NJOP logo is a shade of teal blue, a tone that not only works well with NJOP’s Jewish Treats brand identity, but is a more modern reflection of blue than the original logo color.

The gradation of the blue from light to dark symbolizes NJOP’s enabling Jews to reconnect with Jewish life through positive, joyous Jewish experiences. The clear simplicity of the sans-serif Whitney typeface, originally designed for New York City’s Whitney Museum, is an ode to NJOP’s beginnings in New York City and in keeping with NJOP’s fresh, modern appeal. The font is functional for editorial legibility as well as larger signage. “NJOP” is set in Whitney Bold.