Study this week’s Torah portion of Vayeitzei to appreciate the relationship of the Matriarchs/Sisters, Rachel and Leah.

While the biblical narrative surrounding the Matriarchs, Leah and Rachel seems to suggest a rivalry of sorts for Jacob’s attention, it’s fascinating to note that it was Rachel who gave the secret signs to Leah before she married Jacob so as not to embarrass Leah, and it is Leah who is ultimately buried next to Jacob.

To appreciate how Leah and Rachel dealt with their own personal challenges and did not allow their personal rivalry to impact negatively on their relationship, read this enlightening analysis entitled “Leah, the Fourth Matriarch” from Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald’s Torah message for Vayeitzei 5769-2008. Out of respect for Shabbat, please consider printing it on Friday afternoon if you plan to read it on Shabbat.