On a future trip to the area, plan to learn more about the Jewish refugees of Europe including some 400 students from the Mirrer Yeshiva who, despite difficult and trying circumstances, were able to sustain themselves in the Shanghai Ghetto during World War II.

Uprooted from Lithuania during World War II, the students of the Mirrer Yeshiva managed to continue their intensive Torah learning in Shanghai.

We are taught in the 7th Mishna of the sixth chapter of Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers, “Great is Torah since it confers life upon its practitioners both in this world and the next.” To develop a stronger appreciation for the intrinsic value of Torah study and its positive impact upon a person’s life, print out the sixth chapter of Ethics of the Fathers this afternoon and join thousands of fellow Jews around the globe who will be enjoying an uplifting experience and inspired discussions this Shabbat.