In the face of the unspeakable horror that was perpetrated on October 7th, and innumerable challenges both for the people of Israel and Jews worldwide that resulted, it’s time to come together in unity, supporting each other, regardless of background and religious affiliation to prove that the Jewish Light Burns Bright. Let’s all tap into the Jewish spark that is within each of us and share that light, spread that light, and remind our Jewish family, our Jewish friends and Jewish colleagues that we have a beautiful and extraordinarily special, shared destiny.

Beginning tonight, let’s light our Chanukah candles and share a picture of our menorah on social media using the hashtag #JewishLightBurnsBright so that the light of Jewish unity will spread far and wide throughout the world, so we will all recognize that we are part of one incredible Jewish family and are part of Jewish destiny.

Light your Chanukah menorah and show our brothers and sisters, wherever they may be that the “Jewish Light Burns Bright.”