Every person has special days in their life that they remember and mark from year to year, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Judaism also marks dates on an annual cycle such as holidays and yahrtzeit (the date of a person’s death). Today marks the magnificent thirteenth anniversary of Jewish Treats.

Over the last thirteen years, Jewish Treats has covered a wide range of topics, from the history of different Jewish communities to holiday customs, from fascinating Jewish personalities to Jewish law, and more. Some Treats have had humorous connections to new-fangled holidays, while others have reminded us of the challenge of Jewish history.

Why are Jewish Treats important? In this age of infinite information, people have the ability to instantly investigate everything under the sun. At the same time, the process of Jewish transmission has been greatly diminished, and basic Jewish education is not the same as it was even 25 years ago. Learning about Judaism through Jewish Treats offers readers the opportunity to connect, or reconnect, with their history, to be inspired by their heritage and teachings drawn from Torah sources, to become familiar and comfortable with ideas and rituals that seemed foreign and to gain an even greater sense of Jewish pride.

Some of you who are reading this now have been reading Jewish Treats since the beginning, while others are more recent subscribers. Today, on Jewish Treats’ thirteenth anniversary, we make two requests: 1: Share Jewish Treats with your Jewish friends, family and co-workers to help our family grow, and 2: Please share feedback! We love to hear from our readers about the individual Jewish Treats and topics that they have enjoyed and taken inspiration from.

Thank you, dear readers, for thirteen wonderful years!

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