Learn how to bring peace and radiance into your home tonight by lighting Shabbat candles. Click here for a free copy of NJOP’s Guide to Shabbat Candle Lighting.

The Shabbat candles that are lit each Friday afternoon before sunset, add serenity and a special peacefulness to the home. In chapter one of Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers, we are taught to “be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving mankind and drawing them close to the Torah.”

We should try to retain the special glow and radiance of the Shabbat candles and be inspired to share that special peacefulness in our daily lives. To appreciate the incredible breadth of wisdom contained in the Torah and to live a more spiritually elevated life, print out the first chapter of Ethics of the Fathers this afternoon, before Shabbat, and join thousands of fellow Jews around the globe who will be enjoying an uplifting experience and inspired discussions this Shabbat.