Kee Teitzei 5766-2006

"The Mitzvah of Marriage, Kiddushin and Ketuvah"

In parashat Kee Teitzei, we find that a positive mitzvah, the mitzvah of marriage, is derived from a negative mitzvah, the prohibition of defaming one's wife. With the mitzvah of marriage, the ketubah, a most remarkable ancient document to guarantee women's rights, is also introduced.

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Bo 5762-2002

"Rituals Work, Rituals Work"

The prodigal child of the Haggadah asks, "Why do we need all these mitzvot and all the rituals?" The rituals of Judaism are vitally important; they are the flesh that covers the bones and give substance and meaning to the words of our sacred texts. Without rituals we are practicing an eviscerated form of Judaism, "Play-Dough" or "Mother Goose" Judaism, if you will.

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