Toledot 5778-2017

“Isaac’s Unconditional Love for Esau”

Isaac’s unconditional love for his prodigal son, Esau, serves as a model for all parents, and the inevitable challenges faced in childrearing.

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Acharei Mot 5776-2016

“Never Give Up Hope"

The Torah boldly declares that the Al-mighty dwells amidst His people Israel even amidst their impurity. Like G-d, we must never give up hope on anyone.

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Eikev 5770-2010

"The Great, Mighty and Awesome G-d"

The "Anshei K'nesset Hagdolah," Men of the Great Assembly were given that exalted honorific title, because they restored the crown of Divine attributes to its ancient completeness, by returning the original wording of Moses, in his praise of G-d.

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