Tazria-Metzorah 5777-2017

“Insights to be Gleaned from the Metzorah, the Person Stricken with the Tzaraat Disease"

The Tzaraat disease and its accompanying rituals, appear at first blush, rather primitive. However, Tzaraat, like many other obscure concepts that appear in the Torah, when studied carefully, is deeply insightful and conveys a message of timeless importance to all of humankind.

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Metzorah 5776-2016

“G-d Has Pity on the Property of Israel”

The Kohen who comes to inspect the house that may be afflicted with Tzara’at (the spiritual/dermatological disease), orders that all the home’s furnishings be removed prior to the inspection. Our sages teach that this is done because the Al-mighty has pity on the possessions of Israel.

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Metzorah 5774-2014

“The Peddler and Evil Speech”

A well known Midrash tells of an encounter between the Talmudic scholar, Rabbi Yannai, and a peddler who taught the sage much about the importance of proper speech and the serious transgression of wanton, hurtful speech.

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