Vayeitzei 5768-2007

"How Dare You Accuse Me!"

When Laban accuses Jacob of stealing his teraphim (household idols), Jacob confidently responds: "With whomever you find your gods, that person shall not live." How is it possible for Jacob to be so certain that there was not a single thief among his family members or servants?

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Vayeitzei 5766-2005

"Deceit, More Deceit and Teraphim"

The theme of deception is central to parashat Vayeitzei as Laban deceives Jacob, and Jacob in turn deceives Laban. The final deception takes place as Rachel deceives her father, Laban, by stealing his Teraphim, his household idols, an act that the commentaries labor over diligently to comprehend.

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