Kee Teitzei 5777-2017

“Lessons from the Wayward Son”

The laws of the rebellious child have much to teach the members of the gluttonous society in which we live.

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Bereshith 5777-2016

“The Decline and Fall of Humankind”

In parashat Bereshith we encounter the complicated and esoteric relationship between the בְנֵי הָאֱלֹהִים (Sons of G-d) and the daughters of man, that leads to the downfall of humankind.

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Eikev 5769-2009

"Feeding the Animals–Beasts and Humans"

Parashat Eikev includes a reference to eating food and being sated. From this brief reference, we are taught many exalted laws regarding our relationship to food, our relationship to animals, as well as Judaism's deep understanding of human nature.

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Naso 5769-2009

"An Extreme Lifestyle"

According to rabbinic interpretation, the Nazirite chooses a path of extreme behavior in order to avoid the temptations that he encounters in everyday life. Maimonides also recommends extreme behavior in order to heal oneself from negative traits. However, the extreme behavior in both instances must never be presumed to be normative. It is the "golden path" and the balanced disposition that must always be one's goal.

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