Sukkot 5783-2022

“The Seven Protective Divine Clouds”
(updated and revised from Sukkot 5764-2003)

According to the Midrash, the Jewish people were protected in the wilderness from the elements and from enemy attack by seven clouds. Though it is often hard to believe, the Jewish people today are similarly cared for in their exile. G-d indeed shields them. But, it is also necessary for Jews must do all they can to look after their own well-being.

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Sukkot 5778-2017

“Jewish Unity and the Festival of Sukkot”

Sukkot is not only a festival of joy. It is a joyous festival because it is a time of unity for the People of Israel.

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Haazinu-Sukkot 5776-2015

“The Sukkah In The Sky”

The powerful imagery of the eagle hovering over and protecting its young not only underscores G-d’s role as Israel’s constant protector, but also brings to mind how G-d protected the ancient Israelites by sheltering them in the special Sukkah huts in the wilderness, and continues to protect us today with His great “Sukkah in the Sky.”

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Sukkot 5775-2014

“Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov’s Observations on the Sukkot Festival”

The great religious writer, Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov brings a unique perspective to understanding the festival of Sukkot, and the special relationship between the Al-mighty and Israel that developed after the Exodus from Egypt.

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