Sukkot 5772-2011

“The Meaning of Sukkot: Insights of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch”

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888), the great leader of German Jewry, uncovers extraordinary insights in the mitzvah of Sukkah. Among other insights, Rabbi Hirsch boldly proclaims that the message of Sukkah is to go into the Sukkah with G-d and have ultimate faith in Him, Who sustains everyone in the wilderness and in their homes.

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Haazinu-Sukkot 5766-2005

"When Life Revolves Around G-d"

The magnificent poetry of parashat Haazinu informs us that the People of Israel were the only nation created without a land. In this way, it was assured that G-d would be the people's primary influence, rather than allow the natural environment of the land to influence His people. So it is that in the midst of our abundant creature comforts, Sukkot comes to teach us a formidable lesson-- that we are never truly secure unless G-d is in the forefront of our minds, and a constant presence in our dwelling places.

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Sukkot 5765-2004

"Worshiping G-d Wholeheartedly"

In an affluent society, such as the one in which we live, it is often difficult to find opportunities to worship G-d wholeheartedly. By sacrificing our mortal comforts and entering the ill-furnished sukkah, we send G-d a message that we are prepared to give up our creaturely comforts for Him. History has proven that when we sacrifice, we get paid back--big time!

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Sukkot 5764-2003

"The Seven Protective Divine Clouds"

According to the Midrash, the Jewish people were protected in the wilderness from the elements and from enemy attack by seven clouds. Though it is often hard to believe, the Jewish people today are similarly cared for in exile. G-d indeed shields them, but Jews must do all they can to look after their own well-being.

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