Vayechi 5767-2007

"Lessons in Child Rearing from the Patriarch Jacob"

It is surprising, to say the least, to find an important principle of child rearing and education attributed by rabbinic sources to the actions of Jacob. Nevertheless, it is Jacob of all the patriarchs, who sires twelve righteous and loyal sons.

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Vayechi 5763-2002

"How Important is Timing?"

When blessing his children, Jacob says of Reuben that he has all the natural advantages of the firstborn child in rank and in power. Jacob then retreats suddenly, declaring that Reuben is impetuous like water and therefore cannot be the foremost. As we study the actions, deeds and words of Reuben we find a good person--good-hearted and well-intentioned. Reuben is always ready to do the right thing. Unfortunately, his timing is off, intending to do the right thing, but, unfortunately, at the wrong time. As important as actions and words are, timing is just as critical.

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