Kee Tavo 5778-2018

“A Wandering Aramean?”

In the beautiful declaration that plays a prominent role in the Bikkurim ceremony, there is an ambiguous reference to “a Wandering Aramean.”

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Vayigash 5775-2014

"Joseph Calms His Brothers"

With his terrified brothers standing before him expecting the worst, Joseph not only reveals himself but gently and generously calms them, attempting to relieve them of feelings of guilt and vengefulness.

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Noah 5772-2011

“Who is Canaan and Why is He Cursed?”

Who was Canaan and why was he so profoundly cursed by his grandfather Noah?

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Behar-Bechukotai 5770-2010

"Making a Reckoning"

How does the Torah regard the rights and property of non-Jews? In parashat Behar we learn of a remarkable law that protects the rights of a non-Jew even in a situation where the welfare and security of a Jew might be thought to override those rights.

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