Shavuot 5780-2020

“The Anonymous Holiday”
(updated and revised from Shavuot 5760-2000)

Despite the tradition that the Torah was given on the holiday of Shavuot, nowhere in the Torah is there any mention that the Torah was given on that particular date. Why then are the Jewish people so keen on observing this day as the holiday of the giving of the Torah?

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Emor 5779-2019

“The Gift of Celebration”
Revised and updated from Emor 5761-2001)

Parashat Emor features the celebration of Shabbat and the Jewish holidays--the festivals of G-d and the holy convocations that the people observe at their appropriate times. Proper celebrations are necessary for healthy living. It is important for the community to salute all the seasons of the year, and acknowledge that Shabbat and the Jewish holidays are truly remarkable gifts from the Al-mighty.

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Re’eh 5777-2017

“Coming to Jerusalem–-The Festival Pilgrimages”

The sages maintain that the Torah’s requirement for the Children of Israel to come to Jerusalem to celebrate the three pilgrim festivals, Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot, is meant to serve as far more than mere communal celebrations.

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