Naso 5776-2016

“Reflections on the Meaning of Peace"

The Birkat Kohanim, the threefold priestly blessing, was one of the most impressive features of the ancient Temple service. The ultimate of the three blessings was the blessing of peace.

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Pinchas 5773-2013

“The Lesson of the Broken Vav

A most unusual scriptural anomaly is found in the verse in which G-d confers upon the zealous Pinchas the blessing of a “Covenant of Peace.” The letter “vav” in the Hebrew word “Shalom,” peace, is broken. What is the reason for this broken letter?

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Naso 5762-2002

"The Challenge of the Priestly Blessings"

The issue of whether human beings can encourage G-d to bless them, or if human beings can actually bless G-d, is not easily resolved. One thing we know for sure is that mortals certainly need G-d's blessings.

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