Vayeira 5769-2008

"Shalom Bayit, Little White Lies"

In parashat Vayeira, when Sarah learns that she is going to have a child at age 90, she laughs skeptically and says, "After I have withered shall I be fertile again, and my husband is old!" When G-d asks Abraham why Sarah has laughed, He omits Sarah's disrespectful reference to Abraham, saying instead that Sarah referred to herself about being old. Why the change?

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Vayechi 5764-2004

"Can It Be a Mitzvah to Lie?"

When Joseph's brothers come to seek forgiveness from him, a battle of "truth" versus "peace" takes place. The meaning of these two values goes from absolute to relative, leaving the ethical fabric of the world to appear tattered and threadbare, without the proper perspective.

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