Haazinu 5765-2004

"Judging Others Favorably and its Impact on Our Own Judgment"

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when the Al-mighty brings us to judgment before the heavenly tribunal. If we judge other human beings favorably in our own human relationships, we can then argue before G-d that we too deserve to be judged favorably.

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Haazinu 5763-2002

"Anniversary of September 11th"

The fact that "9/11" occurred during the Ten Days of Penitence may have been G-d's way of urging us to be more optimistic and upbeat about our faith. Hopefully, the clouds will now begin to disperse and the sun will shine through from behind the vast frightening darkness. Perhaps the glow of redemption is at hand.

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Vayeilech 5761-2001

"Appreciating One's Own Inner Worth"

Unfortunately, there are many who feel themselves unworthy of G-d's forgiveness, or unworthy of participating in the communal contrition of the Jewish people. Judaism rejects that idea, insisting that each and every soul is precious to G-d, and qualifies for Divine forgiveness.

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