Acharei Mot 5776-2016

“Never Give Up Hope"

The Torah boldly declares that the Al-mighty dwells amidst His people Israel even amidst their impurity. Like G-d, we must never give up hope on anyone.

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Yom Kippur 5768-2007

"The Role of the Cantor in the High Holiday Services"

After the Temples' destruction, the majestic service of ancient times could no longer be replicated. Instead, today, the cantor, who acts as the community representative, stands symbolically in the role of the High Priest. Many other holiday rituals underscore the connection between the High Priest and today's cantor.

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Yom Kippur 5765-2004

"G-d's Gift to His People on Yom Kippur"

One expects sinners and criminals to pay for their sins and crimes, either by way of monetary assessment or physical punishment such as incarceration. And yet, the Divine method of judgment is so different. When the Al-mighty grants forgiveness, He wipes the slate clean and says "You've sinned, you've trespassed--just don't do it anymore." There is no expectation of compensation or further punishment. Forgiveness has been granted! It is a Divine gift based purely on G-d's love for His people.

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