Terumah 5772-2012

"The Outer Altar"

Although we have no Temple or Tabernacle today, the powerful symbolism of the Tabernacle furnishings lives on. We must continue to study the details and nuances of the outer altar and of the entire Tabernacle, because their lessons are eternally and profoundly relevant.

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Vayeira 5762-2001

"The Akeida"

The binding of Isaac, known as the "Akeida," is one of the most noted and influential portions of the Bible, and one of the most enigmatic. The Akeida proclaimed a new and vital message to the world, boldly rejecting the abominable practice of child sacrifice that was rife among the ancient people--and usually performed in the name of the pagan deity.

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Vayigash 5761-2001

"Joseph Helps His Brothers Repent"

Why did Joseph have to be so cruel to his brothers? Joseph apparently felt that it was necessary to put his brothers through an agonizing test in order to see whether his brothers were truly Ba'alei T'shuva--true penitents. Joseph brilliantly recreates the circumstances where Benjamin is now in the exact position that Joseph was in when he was thrown in to the pit by his brothers and sold to the Ishmaelites. Will the brothers this time stand up for Benjamin, or will they send him down the river as they did with Joseph?

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