Vayigash 5778-2017

“Jacob’s Enhanced Joy from Joseph His Righteous Son”

Jacob’s reunion with his beloved son Joseph, after a separation of 22 years, was enhanced by the knowledge that Joseph had remained true to his faith during that long separation from his family.

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Shemini-Yom HaShoah 5775-2015

“Yom HaShoah: Six Million–Minus One”

More than twenty years ago, Avi London wrote about being miraculously reunited with his long-lost sister who had been separated from her family for 50 years when she was a child in Nazi-occupied Poland.

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Vayishlach 5766-2005

"When a Jew Comes to the City"

The arrival of a tribal family to an established culture, is always a challenging experience for the newcomers. When Jacob and his family arrive in Shechem, there are many adjustments that need to be made, both on the part of the new Jewish inhabitants and the native non-Jewish residents.

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Vayigash 5765-2004

"And He Fell On His Neck and Wept"

At the moment of the dramatic reunion of Jacob and his beloved son Joseph that takes place in parashat Vayigash, Scripture tells us that "he fell on his neck." However, we don't know whether Jacob fell on Joseph's neck or vice versa. The rabbis explore this issue and suggest a number of truly profound insights.

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