B’shalach 5778-2018

“The Exalted Spirituality of Miriam the Prophetess”

The sister of Moses rose to great spiritual heights at the Red Sea. Her impact on the women seems to have been even greater than Moses’ impact on the men.

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B’shalach 5777-2017

“Miriam Leads the Women in Song"

In this week’s parasha, Miriam leads the women in song. It underscores the specialness of Miriam and the women of her generation, but also raises a host of issues regarding women and public singing.

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Shemot 5765-2004

"In the Merit of Miriam"

In this week's parasha we learn of the birth and development of Moses. We also learn, albeit anonymously, of his mother, father and sister. The Midrash, however, builds up the role of Miriam (Moses' sister), portraying her as a formidable savior and heroine of her people.

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