Kee Teitzei 5769-2009

"Ben Sorer U'Moreh--The Rebellious Son"

The case of Ben Sorer U'moreh, the prodigal son, is one of the most complex in Jewish law. Whether the Ben Sorer U'moreh actually existed is subject to dispute. Nevertheless, there is much to learn from the rules governing the treatment of the prodigal child.

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Kee Teitzei 5763-2003

"The Torah's Radical Approach to Child Rearing"

In parashat Kee Teitzei, we learn of the law of the Ben Sorer U'moreh, the wayward and rebellious son. The Code of Jewish Law sets out very precise guidelines for child rearing that at first blush seem extremely harsh. However, after careful analysis, we see that the Torah is basically establishing boundaries between parent and child, leading to a healthy and loving parent-child relationship.

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