Lech Lecha 5771-2010

“Abram Prays for Others”

The Talmud states that those who invoke G-d’s compassion for their neighbors, and who are in need of a similar response, are answered first. In this week’s parasha, we find two instances where the commentaries indicate that Abram prayed for others.

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Toledot 5767-2006

"The Unanswered Prayer"

Rebecca is barren, and she and Isaac pray for a child. Scripture tells us that G-d responds to Isaac's prayer and Rebecca becomes pregnant. What happened to Rebecca's prayer?

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Vayeira 5765-2004

"The Benefit of Broad-heartedness "

According to tradition, G-d remembers Sarah, who miraculously gives birth to Isaac in her old age, because Abraham prayed in a special way. It is broad-hearted prayer, where we pray for others aside from ourselves, that is most efficacious.

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