Shelach 5775-2015

“The Sin of the Spies--Revisited”

The Baal HaTanya suggests that the sin of the scouts was due to their desire to live in a false utopian world of total spirituality, in the full embrace of the Al-mighty, rather than to have to engage in the real world where they would earn their bread by the sweat of their brow.

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Korach 5774-2014

“Aaron Stops the Plague”

Why does Aaron, the High Priest, risk his life to save many thousands of rebellious and undeserving Israelites, by using the firepans and incense to stop the Angel of Death from destroying the unworthy people?

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Bo 5772-2012

"The Plague of Darkness"

The ninth plague of darkness precedes the most intense and final plague, death of the first born. What exactly occurred during this plague and what role was it meant to play in preparation for the Exodus?

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Korach 5771-2011

“The Preciousness of Peace”

Because of the focus on the viciousness of the rebellion of Korach and his cohorts, few recognize the tireless efforts of Moses and Aaron to dissuade the rebels from rebelling and save them from destruction.

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Bo 5770-2010

"Finding Favor in the Eyes of the Egyptians"

The Torah reports that G-d caused the Jews to find favor in the eyes of the Egyptians. What was the purpose of this act, and what was its effect upon both the people of Israel and the Egyptians?

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