Kee Tavo 5775-2015

“Making The Final Commitment”

While encouraging the People of Israel to make the final commitment to the Al-mighty, Moses conveyed an important message to the people that is still relevant in our time, and can prove useful in our own lives.

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Chayei Sarah 5773-2012

"Beware Not to Return My Son There!"

Why was Abraham so adamant about not allowing his servant, Eliezer, to take Abraham’s son, Isaac, out of the land of Israel to look for an appropriate mate?

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Emor 5768-2008

"Creed or Deed"

The Torah instructs us to observe G-d's commandments and to perform them, leading Rashi to comment that one must study the commandments diligently in order to perform them properly. Jewish scholars engage in a very cogent argument over whether creed or deed takes precedence.

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Devarim-Tisha B’Av 5766-2006

"Isaiah's Message to Contemporary Jews"

The powerful message found in the first chapter of Isaiah is entirely appropriate for the Tisha B'Av period. The prophet exhorts the Jewish people to take the performance of their ritual mitzvot more seriously, to invest deeper meaning in their religious observance, and to enrich these spiritual practices with greater sincerity and passion.

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Bamidbar 5765-2005

"Lessons from Traveling in the Wilderness"

Parashat Bamidbar goes into great detail regarding the setup of the encampment of the ancient Israelites as they lived and traveled in the wilderness. These details, seemingly insignificant, provide essential lessons for Jews, lessons that we should master, and implement in our own lives, thus insuring the survival of our people.

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Tetzaveh 5765-2005

"A Flame in Every Jewish Heart"

The "light" of the Menorah has multiple meanings. Our commentators teach us that every Jew must light a Ner Tamid, an eternal lamp, in his/her own heart, not only in the Tabernacle or the tent, but in the street, the marketplace and at the baseball game. Committed Jews must see themselves as "ambassadors" for Jewish life in order to stem the tide of assimilation and to win back the masses who have already walked away from Jewish life.

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