Yitro 5774-2014

“Jethro’s Blessing”

There is much that can be learned from Jethro’s blessing of G-d, when he first joined the People of Israel after their salvation from Egypt.

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Bo 5773-2013

"Interfacing with the Non-Jewish World"

Moses boldly tells Pharaoh that not only will the Israelites not leave their flocks behind in Egypt when they depart, but that Pharaoh himself will donate flocks that will be used by the Israelites in their worship in the wilderness. This declaration raises many thorny issues about the use of non-Jewish resources in Jewish life.

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Yom Hashoah 5762-2002

"Reflections on the Holocaust"

America's Jews are walking away from Jewish life in record numbers. Part of the problem may be due to the fact that obsessing over the Holocaust is exacting a great price on American Jews.
If we are to stop the hemmorhaging of Jewish life in America, intensive, positive, joyous, Jewish education experiences must become a priority.

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