Shoftim 5767-2007

"The King of Israel: The Privileged and Obligated Monarch"

In parashat Shoftim, we read about the appointment of a king for the people in the land of Israel. Is this appointment optional or required? What rules "govern" the king? What kind of government does Judaism advocate--a theocracy, a monarchy or a democracy?

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Nitzavim-Vayeilech 5764-2004

"Hastening the Messiah"

Our rabbis see in the verses of parashat Nitzavim an allusion to the Messianic era. Moses predicts that the children of Israel will return to the L-rd their G-d, and will listen to G-d's voice. The Jewish people can hasten the Messiah's arrival by doing what is right and just in G-d's eyes.

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