Terumah 5777-2017

“ זִיכּוּי הָרַבִּים - Meriting the Broader Jewish Community”

The commandment to build a Mishkan, a temporary, portable Tabernacle for G-d, also includes the mitzvah to build “miniature Temples”--local synagogues. The operating principle which expands the command to build a Temple to include local synagogues, known as זִיכּוּי הָרַבִּים --“Zee’kuy ha’rah’bim” reflects the intent to bring merit to the broader Jewish community.

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Bereshith 5775-2014

“The Sad Destiny of the Firstborn Children”

A prominent feature of the book of Genesis is the struggle for dominance between the first born and the younger siblings. In each instance, the younger sibling is chosen to serve as leader.

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